16 June 2007

Uh, huh! It's still WAR - the freebie war that is!

The DSO gang is still firing freebies at ya and all in good fun!

Download no longer available.

Visit me hearties' blogs to grab their booty (freebies, that is...not the other kind of 'booty' - LOL!).

Please, no file sharing...that's digital piracy.
Send your friends to this blog so they can get their own copy and participate in our fun little blog war!

Slainte! {Gaelic for Cheers!}


Darlene said...

Glad you're clarifying that booty comment, Cat! Hee hehe!!!

Scrapcat4914 said...

TYFS your awesomr pirate goodies!!!

brooke said...

thanks! i'm such a sucker for pirates!

jen said...

Great pirate pieces. Thanks!

Heather Stokes said...

Fun, Fun, FUNNNN
Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much the sign! Love the idea of blog war! therMaties ksmcintire@cox.net