25 July 2008

It's the Highland Games Weekend!

Hi all you lovely readers! You may have noticed my absence on the blog lately? This is the time of year (July) that I am busy with our local Highland Games association - getting ready for the biggest Scottish event in the state which happens annually on the last weekend in July...tomorrow!

We leave tonight to camp out for three days of listening to world champion bagpipe bands, watching hunky kilted athletes toss the caber, and having tons of tartan fun. This year we're camping in our wee vintage wooden teardrop trailer that we've been working on. It's now painted the same color as our PT Cruiser and I've been adding some Celtic knot stencils to the doors...gotta do it! Inside we have plaid sheets (of course!).

The "Wee Dram" gets a new foam mattress

There's still a lot of work to do on it to get it the way we want it, but it'll do for now. Stand by for some photos of the fun to be posted next week!

Slainte - and see you in the "Tilted Kilt" pub (the beer garden)!