20 February 2009

Good Karma Friday: Victorian (Australia) Bushfire Appeal

The 2009 Victorian Bushfire Fund was launched by Australian Premier John Brumby in partnership with the Red Cross and the Australian government. It will assist individuals and communities affected by the recent, and still continuing, devastating bushfires in Victoria, Australia.

Over 30 Australian and international digi designers have come together to create a charity kit called "Spirit of Summer" with 100% of the proceeds going directly to either the Australian Red Cross or the Salvation Army. You donate to one or both of them, send a copy of your receipt to Carolyn at Scrap-n-Tag, and she will send you a coupon code to download the mega kit. If you donate $10 or more you also get a matching quickpage album. Of course I wanted it all, so I donated over $10! ;-) You should, too!

Click the image below to go to the Scrap-n-Tag store and read more about it.

But wait! There's more!
If you also send me a copy of your donation I will send you a coupon to download my mini kit "Firestorm" created during the devastating fires that roared through San Diego in October 2007. This mini kit isn't just for those who have experienced a house fire or forest fire, it's also for layouts of a "Fire Sale," or someone you think is "Hot Stuff," a "Five Alarm Chili" meal, or even a "Firefighter" in your family! Hey ladies, how about those crazy "hot flashes?" LOL! The kit includes: 4 hot papers, 1 flaming overlay, 1 burning mat, 5 word art titles, 10 numbers, and 1 rogue flame.


19 February 2009

Play the Google Search Game

Here's a fun time waster you can share with your friends and family. It's sort of like the popular fill-in-the-blank travel game, Mad-Libs. Some of the answers you find online may be a bit risque, so you'll have to be your own "appropriateness police" if you want to share it with your kids.

In the Google Search bar, add your name and the additional word or words (remember to include the quotation marks) and click 'search' or press 'enter.' Make sure to use the featured text from the first link that comes up...otherwise it's cheating!!!

1) "[your name] needs"
2) "[your name] looks like"
3) "[your name] says"
4) "[your name] wants"
5) "[your name] does"
6) "[your name] hates"
7) "[your name] asks"
8) "[your name] likes"
9) "[your name] eats"
10) "[your name] wears"
11) "[your name] was arrested for"
12) "[your name] loves"

Here's my answers:

1) Catriona needs to lend me her boobs.
2) Catriona looks like she is flying.
3) Catriona says "It's a fair question."
4) Catriona wants Daisy healed.
5) Catriona does not have any public playlists.
6) Catriona hates the alcoholic former good-time girl who was the antithesis of the good mother.
7) Catriona asks Dave if he could write her a reference she could show to future employers.
8) Catriona likes that Mathew Wilder song I have on my iPod.
9) Catriona eats up her breakfast.
10) Catriona wears a special uniform hat.
11) Catriona was arrested for treason.
12) Catriona loves braids.

07 February 2009

Ard Choille! Remembering Glen Fruin: 7 February 1602

The Rout of Glen Fruin
Sir Walter Scott

Auld Scotia's page inhuman turn
And read if man was made to murn,
See reivers hang and witches burn and clans proscribed,
See treachery the faithful spurn and justice bribed.

Twa Gregarach on an evil day
Hungered, a mountain sheep did slay;
The Clan Colquhoun made muckle play and vengeance sware
Ere noon-tide upon Luss dool-brae they breathed nae mair.

Frae Stronachlacher to Glen Strae
The fiery cross went nicht and day
To muster Gregarach's wild array frae cot and clachan;
At dawn or mist had left the brae they quat the bracken.

The reek gaed up frae roof and stack
What they found white they left it black,
The claymores clang, the muskets crack, in this wild hership
There's neither hoose, nor kirk, alack, for rest or worship.

Buchanan, Graham, and Colquhoun
Gaed to the King to crave his boon
To gaither horse and foot richt soon to quell Macgruther
To slaughter man and bairn and loon and stain the heather.

Or lang baith armoured knichts and foot
Are banded up frae miles aboot
And rowed I orra tartan cloot frae green to yellow,
And ilka roque frae Ayr to Bute here has his fellow.

Clan Gregor's chief ne'er grat nor swore
But loupit bareserk to the door
While beltin on his guid claymore and bull-hide targe
Syne doon the wild Fruin's craggy shore he led the charge.

Noo what a scene o' wild turmoil
The Gregarach's blood was on the boil
And ilka time they screamed "Ard Choille" slashed a het haggis;
Wi' little thoucht e'en for the spoil louped rocks and craggies.

It's thoucht a deed maist sinister
Was wroucht upon a minister
Wha soucht the smell of sin astir and cam to view
The slaughterin o' Alastair and a' his crew.

Agin the wild Clan Gregor gents
It seems the clerical comments
Upon these bellicose events were ower severe
Macintauch stopped a' arguments; breath, too, I fear.

King Jamie Saxt got up a greet
He drooled and slavered to his feet
And bade them send a burning peat to roose Argyll;
Syne clapt upon his royal seat near chokt wi' bile.

A fearsome weird maun Gregor dree
To hang on ilka gallows tree
Nae meat nor drink but cauld snaw-bree and Campbell's hounds;
Nae succour in extremity frae plaque or wounds.

Nae name, nae land, nae folk, nae grace,
But what they seek at graceless face,
Buried like beasts beyond a trace or help o' kirk;
Between them and a savage race a pointless dirk.

But outlawry's a t wa-edged blade,
Ane law is lost, anither's made;
Ilka outrage Clan Gregor paid in measure full,
Life for a life and head for head, their golden rule.

Intrigued? Read more: http://www.clangregor.org/macgregor/article-glenfruin.html