18 June 2007

How Dare She???

That PIRATE wench, Lexi, called me out! She thinks HER pirate stuff is "all that" but mine is waaaaayyyy better! Snap!

How about this for word art? And I'm raising you a red wax seal! Ha!
Download no longer available.

Take that, Lexi! I'm getting my plank all shiny and waxed and ready for you to walk it...Arrrr!

What do you guys think? Do I have the best free pirate elements or what? What's that? Speak up now, you don't want to walk the plank, too, do you? LOL!

Don't forget to visit me hearties' blogs to grab their freebies, too.
Bunny, Lexi, Heather, Kim, Mel, Lani, Lynn, Dorothy, Teriann, Joy, Cheryl, Darlene

Please, no file sharing...that's digital piracy. Send your friends to this blog so they can get their own copy and participate in our fun little blog war!

Slainte! {Gaelic for Cheers!}


Dracowin said...

Your pirate goodies get my vote! Not that Lexi's aren't good, but...
Thanks for these latest!

jen said...

This is awesome. TFS!

Deborah said...

How great - thanks so much!

CindyH said...

Thanks so much for the great freebies! I look forward to what you guys come up with.

cherylzyx said...

Now THAT is funny! thank you