20 June 2007

Pirate gold is better than regular gold...

Due to the overwhelming popularity of my 'DSO Blog War' Pirate freebies this month, here's the FULL KIT at last!!!
(Warning: if you haven't grabbed the coordinating freebies yet...they'll be gone soon!*)

When asked, 9 out of 10 people prefer Pirate gold over regular gold. I think it’s the packaging.

Not convinced?

Take a look at regular gold...

Now, take a look at Pirate gold...

Get the picture?

Now, here’s some real Pirate gold to add to your treasure chest of freebies you've been collecting from our DSO Freebie War!

Here there be Pirates! The Kit!

Real gold and silver doubloons, a historically accurate pirate flag paper, a real pirate names and fun pirate phrases paper, red wax seal alphabet with numbers and special symbols, fabulous gemstones and a never before seen parchment wordart!

For a limited time, get it in my shop at DSO for 20% off the regular low price of only 5 Doubloons! (that’s “dollars” to you landlubbers!)

There's more treasures where these came from, me hearties, so keep a weather eye out!!

Cap'n Cat

(* Shiver me timbers! If you forgot to grab the blog freebies, they'll be going on sale in the shop in July!)


senati said...

Oh how kewl is this kit!! :) This looks like loads of fun. Thanks for the freebies :)

Kim Broedelet said...

hahaha- must admit! I love the pirate gold too- LOL LOL, AWESOME kit Cat- I Love it!!!!- and you too