23 April 2008

I know...I'm Late...

My promised kit isn't done yet. I was halfway done and then my muse led me in another direction altogether. She's like that...grin! So, it's still coming - but not right away.

Earth Day Every Day - 5 Simple Artsy/Scrappy Projects You and Your Kids Can Do Now

Earth Day was 22 April but it’s never too late to do things to help out the environment. Best of all, these 5 simple ideas can be turned into hybrid scrapbooking or art projects!


  1. Be gasoline-free and walk or bike to work, school, or shopping as often as you can. It’s good exercise, good for the environment, and you’ll save money, too. Take your camera and snap photos of your journey. You’ll be surprised with what you see when you aren’t zooming by in a car.

  2. Create recycling bins or decorate your current ones. Cut out pictures of plastic bottles, paper, and aluminum cans from old magazines (recycling again!) and create a collage label. Adhere to the bins with clear laminating shelf protecting material (like Contact paper) to protect it from the weather. But don’t worry – if they get damaged by sun or rain or even just everyday use, you can always make more using more old magazines!

  3. Create a special recycling bin for items that can be used in future art and craft projects. When you come across bits of ribbon or yarn, stray buttons, pieces of cardboard, scraps of colored paper, or even small pieces of broken toys, put them in this bin. When you have a craft day or just need inspiration, go to the art bin and see what you find. Don’t forget to make a special collage label, too!

  4. Get together with your family and create an artsy altered journal with ways your family can help the earth. Decorate it with photographs, poems, and pictures cut from old magazines and catalogs. Update it weekly or monthly so you can see your progress. Encourage the kids to create their own journals and identify projects they can do themselves. They may also be able to use their project for school credit or, if they’re in a scouting group, for an activity award.

  5. Grow something. Plant a tree or a seed in a pot, garden, or backyard and watch it sprout and grow. Take a photo of it
    every week and make a brag book sized (6”x4”) journal album all about it
    including how often you water and fertilize it. If you planted a fruit or vegetable, what did you do with it when it was ripe? Include a recipe if you wish.

The Lorax50-simple-things-kids-can-do-to-save-the-earthDon’t forget to visit your local library
and read more about the earth and our environment.
A couple of good books are
The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss and
50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth, by The EarthWorks Group.

15 April 2008

April 15 - Love it or Hate it - It's Tax Day in the USA

This year I'm loving it! I'm a big procrastinator because I don't want to have to pay any extra (like we did a few years ago - ouch!). But this year we're getting a fair amount back! Yay!

To celebrate my windfall...here's one for you. It's a sweet, earthy 4x6 bragbook journaling page that will coordinated with a new kit in the works. Hopefully the kit will debut on the 21st this month...get it...earthy...21 April...{that was a MAJOR hint there folks!}.

Get the free bragbook page here.

Slainte {Gaelic for Cheers!}

04 April 2008

It's Good Karma Friday - Get Yours Here!

Remember back in February, when I mentioned the fundraiser for Ellie Wiseman to come to the U.S. to see if the doctors here can help her? (read the original post) Well, digital scrapbook designers from all around the world have joined forces in support of their fellow designer, Kirsty, and her courageous daughter and designed a beautiful limited edition digiscrap kit called “Sweet Belle.” 100% of the proceeds of the sales of this kit will go to the Ellenor Wiseman Fund. The kit is available from both Divine Digital and Nuts4Digi.

So, earn your Karma points and hop on over there today to purchase yours (I did!). After you do, go visit Kirsty's blog for a free flower overlay to go with it. See, an instant Karma award! Isn't that cool?

When the Plain Digital Wrapper store's server is back up from the big move, you can stop by my shop and pick up my "Red, Red Rose" kit. I previously posted that 100% of the profits from February and March sales would be donated but I have extended it to include April and May! See the preview and the details (including a free sample!) here.

>: namaste

03 April 2008

April Fool's Is Past...Who's the Biggest Fool At Last?

[Save this one for next year - it's great!]

I pulled a great April Fool's Day prank on my family and friends. My family didn't fall for it, but many of my friends did!

  1. Edit the e-mail below to fit your family names and individual details that will make it look like it's really true.
  2. Send it to your friends.
    (Don't send it to your family - they'll see right through it! Why? Because they'd know you wouldn't sent out news like this to them in a simple e-mail...you would call or tell them in person.)
  3. Watch your inbox for their reactions.
    (A few of mine called with congratulations instead of e-mailed!)

april fool

It's Deja Vu all over again!

Google had a few fun April Fool's pranks, too. I think the best one was this...

Introducing Gmail Custom Time
Be on time. Every time.*

Did you miss sending out an important e-mail that needed to be there by a certain date and time? Now you can send it back in time and be 'on time'! Gmail has a new fun application that lets you send up to ten (10) e-mails into the past.

Your e-mail will appear in the proper chronological order in your recipient's inbox and you can even have it show up 'read' or 'unread' by selecting the appropriate option. Have your recipients fall all over themselves apologizing for not getting back to YOU!

Check out their website to read all about it...pretty darn cool!

(I really wanted it to be true and even went to my Gmail account to test it...they got me! LOL!)

*The term "every time" is used loosely here to represent the number 10.