05 June 2007

Make a MiniDigiBook for your Dad in 10 Easy Steps

Other than the annual new tie, Dad's just LOVE things you make yourself.

This little book can be made with any digi kit or you can make up your own graphics. I'm going to make mine with the June Divine Digital free download-a-day kit along with some of my JIT 6x4 bragbook templates.
  1. Decide on the size: 6x4 bragbook, 5x7, 6x6, or 8x8 are easiest.
  2. Pick a title like the sample image on the left: “Just Me and My Dad” (remember, this is a MINI book...not a full blown album!).
  3. Write a dedication page: "This little book was created especially for...." Make sure to hand write your signature at the bottom.
  4. Use the title to create a cover page and add the date.
  5. On the following pages, include a bunch of photos from the time you were little through now.
  6. Write a poem for your dad and add it somewhere in between the photo pages. Can't think of what to write? Check out http://quotations.about.com/cs/specialdays/tp/10_fathers_day.htm or http://www.quotegarden.com/dad-day.html for a suitable quote to use on this page.
  7. Add a page or two featuring your dad's favorite hobbies or leisure time activities like fishing, playing a sport, traveling, or even just being a couch potato! Does your dad like to cook or BBQ? Add his favorite recipe. If you also have a picture of him cooking - add that, too!
  8. Ask other family members and relatives to give you a list of the things they love and admire about your dad. Sprinkle these thoughts and quotes throughout the book.
  9. On the next to the last page, write the "Top 10 Reasons You're the Best Dad!"
  10. On the last page, include a favorite picture of you and your dad together.
Did you like this project? Well don't stop now...make one for your Mom or Brother or Sister or Kid or Cat or Dog or Friend or Mail Carrier or anyone you can think of!

Now for the fun part...if you post a few pictures of your book or layouts you did for it in your favorite galley and then post a comment to this article with a link to it, I'll send you a free goodie!

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