24 June 2007

Bag, lady?

Digiscrap grab bags - do you love 'em or hate 'em? Grab bags have hit the digi world with a bang and the artists promise they are full of quality items that are well worth more than the small amount they cost. I have even bought a few, myself, from commercial use to those that support charities, and I can honestly answer my own question with...it depends!

I know that's a cop-out, but it does. Just like a grab bag from a gift shop or your favorite second-hand shop, it might be filled with old outdated toys or a diamond ring. Ya pays yer money and takes yer chances (oops, a little pirate language creeping in there! Arrr!).

Recently, it seems to me that a lot of artists in many digi shops are "bagging" up their products every month. Is that a good thing? Frankly, I prefer the exciting, once or twice a year variety. Having them every month takes all the mystique out them.

Tell me what YOU "like" and "dislike" about them.

  • Are they just a fad or here to stay?
  • How often do you buy them?
  • Did you get fabulous gems or stuff you'll never use?
  • Will you keep buying them?
  • Why or why not?
  • Recently, one of my favorite digi-designers asked her readers questions like these and, as a result, is now offering a do-it-yourself grab bag where you can choose what you want (from a select list) to go in it. Would you like to be able to pick and choose or do you like to be surprised?
Have fun with this and be honest!

Slainte! {Gaelic for Cheers!}


Linda said...

Definitely chose your own.

Anita Theuma said...

I'm a pick and chose type of lady myself. Yeah I have enjoyed some Grab Bags and been dissapointed with others. I am now being a lot more selective on what I spend my money on. Thanks for your blog.

EAL Designs2 said...

I agree it depends on whats in them weither I say they're good or not. Personally though I haven't bought any yet, my funds are too tight for me to buy any, so I'm only basing on the free ones I've recieved, and hey well I'm greatful for all that's in them, lol.
Thanks for all you do.
Hugs, Lisa

Joni said...

First, thank you for the freebie. Now unto grab bags. I don't buy them. I want to know what I'm getting. So if I could pick items to go in the grab bag that would be great. I really do apppreciate all your work you do and again thank you for sharing.

Barb said...

I bought 2 last month at a shop and was disappointed as I would not have purchased those items and they really were not a bargain in my book. I have decided no more for me since I have such a limited budget anyway.

miss j said...

I have purchased a couple, most I got for free. One I purchased from Jessica Gorny and I was pleased. Mostly because it had 3 templates in it. For $2 that's not bad. It also had 3 groups of elements in it. Some that I may or may not use. The other couple I bought I wished I'da kept my 2 bucks. Now last night I went to Misty Cato's blog and she had a GREAT idea. She has a collection of goods (some were past freebies or give aways from challenges, etc). You load what you want into your cart, use the coupon code on her blog, and you get what you want for 50 cents a piece! Personally I loved that idea because I could pick something I want and actually may use. But that is just my opinion.

Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

I bought one once, on purpose, and was disappointed because it was a girly kit, and I have boys. LOL
Well, I guess the ones I bought with the QOTC count, but I count that as charity donations (since the money did go to charity), and haven't even looked at 2 of the kits.
But as a general rule, I do NOT buy them for the pure fact that I may not like it. I'd rather pay full price for something I know I'm going to use, than a discount on something that will never see the inside of my PSE. :P
Thank you for the newest sample! :D

ooh, I like that 50-cents idea! LOL

scrapsara said...

i haven't purchased any grab bags personally. i haven't been too impressed often when grab bags are "revealed" either, so i've been glad i didn't spend the money!! i liked the idea of the "by/buy the piece" grab bag, and i will probably end up grabbing some of that designers stuff before her grab bag sale ends (i think i know which designer you are talking about LOL). thanks for the pirate goodies :)