26 November 2006

Wishes and dreams

Do you have Scottish, Irish, or Welsh heritage? Have you always wanted to scrap those Highland Games, dancing competition, or Clan gathering photos and been unable to find just the right papers and elements? Me, too!

So. to solve this lack, I decided to make some!

Now for the wishes and dreams part...I know what I want but what do YOU want to see first? Travel, heritage, clans and families (and be specific...which clans or families?), highland games, holidays, etc.

Slainte! [Gaelic for Cheers!]


Jeannie said...

I'd love to see anything in this theme. Particularly brushes.

Candie said...

I would love to see anything in this theme, my heritage is a KEITH from Aberdeenshire. I would love any and all you have to offer for that. TY sooo very much! This is really awesome of you! I am so excited...I can't wait until you have it done!
email me please?