21 November 2006

Welcome to my wee blog

Looking for digi scrapbook designs with a Scottish, Irish, Welsh, or Celtic flair? Here it is! Designs are in the works so stay tuned.

Just to tempt you before I get it up and running in the next few weeks, I want to offer you a free fun mini-kit that ISN'T Celtic-themed!

Get Full Moon Crazy here.
[this link has expired]

I do not sell anywhere so you can only get it from this link. Please, no file sharing - that's called PIRACY! Send your friends to this blog so they can download their own copy.

Slainte! [Gaelic for Cheers!]


J L MacGregor said...

Hi! Jenny Lynee MacGregor here! Love your stuff! I plan on visiting often my friend! hee hee

Serena said...

Thank you SO much for this lovely kit!