27 November 2006

...and we will call it...This Land!

Here I go again – designing non-Celtic stuff! I am a big fan of the cancelled Firefly TV series and the follow-up movie, Serenity. If you have never heard of it, please click on the links to find out more!

This mini-kit was inspired by one of the "big damn heros" named Wash. In the coming months I will add mini-kits for the other characters, too. Eventually they will all add up to one "big damn kit!" Get “This Land” here.
[this link has expired]

I do not sell anywhere so you can only get it from this link. Please, no file sharing - that's called PIRACY! Send your friends to this blog so they can download their own copy.

Slainte! [Gaelic for Cheers!]


alexis said...

love your blog! and thanks SO MUCH for the cute dino set--how did you know this was Dino month in my son's preschool!

Carolyn M said...

Yes, May I have some ornaments. They are beautiful. The contact button does not work, so I hope you see this.



Alexis said...

if you get a chance, here is what I did with the kit! THANKS AGAIN!


Kat Browne said...

Only just found this today. I am so, so sad I missed the Wash kit!! Nothing but praise, though... it takes a special kinda person to bring about Firefly inspired kits. Cannot wait to see what you do with Mal and River!