30 November 2006

Happy St. Andrews Day!

St Andrew's Day, 30 November, was a date once ignored by almost everyone and barely registered on Scotland's cultural and economic radar...just an ordinary 24 hours in the Christmas run-up. But today, in an international symbol of Scottish pride never seen before, flags will fly, glasses will be drained, and people around the world will gather to celebrate Scotland's patron saint. To confirm its new status, MSPs passed a bill to make 30 November a national holiday. Read the full story on the Scotsman.

The Royal Mail has unveiled the first UK stamp to carry an image of St Andrew. Even if you're not in Scotland today, you can order a set of commemorative stamps or a first day cover online. Isn't the internet great?!?!

To help you digi scrap your own celebration, here's a fun embroidered patch featuring the Scottish flag - the Saltire (aka St. Andrews Cross). Get it here. [this link has expired] Remember to give me credit if you use it in your uploaded or published work.

Scotland has two well known flags. The Royal Flag of Scotland, a red lion rampant on a yellow background, is, strictly speaking, only to be used by a reigning monarch in his or her capacity as King or Queen of Scotland. The official flag of Scotland, the Saltire, is a white cross on a blue background and is recognised by most people around the world as "the" flag of Scotland. The Saltire is more correctly known as the Cross of St. Andrew.

Slainte! Have a wee dram!

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