01 November 2007

Oh, were you waiting for this?

In the past few months it seemed that I never had time to do my own digi-scrapping and I was getting a wee bit frustrated. Then my schedule got busy with work and home responsibilities so I took a leave from selling my designs. After a while, I finally started participating a couple of challenges at Scrapbook Graphics and a couple hosted by Betsy Tuma at Plain Digital Wrapper. I finally got my 'muse' back and completed a bragbook and a few layouts! Yay!

Speaking of getting my 'muse' back...I hope you all liked my special freebies for all those "Survivor Girls" out there. I will be expanding it to a full kit that will be available soon at...

There you go - that's my secret! LOL! My designs will be available starting on DSD - Digital Scrapbooking Day - coming up on 3 November! To celebrate this first annual 'holiday,' PDW is having a great sale starting today! Here's the ad...

PDW Dollar Days Sale

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