04 November 2007

Create a Word Cloud T-Shirt

Here's a cool idea...a "word cloud" t-shirt! A "word cloud" is similar to a "tag cloud" but uses frequently used words instead of tags. What's a "tag cloud?" A tag cloud (or weighted list in visual design) is a visual depiction of the content tags or topics used on a website or blog. Topics are typically listed alphabetically and their frequency is shown with font size or color. This makes finding a topic really easy because they are usually hyperlinked to a collection of items associated with that topic.
You may have seen them on other blogs or websites...they look like this one I generated from my blog.

Snap Shirts creates a custom "word cloud" design made from any website or blog out there! They also let you decide which words to include and which ones to ignore, choose from three fonts, and multiple text colors. Click on my "word cloud" and give it a try...it's fun!

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Christine Smith said...

that IS a fun idea! thanks for visiting my blog store and leaving me a comment :)