12 November 2007

Learn More About Five Highland Clans

Earlier this year, the BBC aired a series called The Highland Clans. It took a look at the history of five of Scotland's most famous clans: MacGregor (that's mine!), MacDonald, MacLeod, Campbell, and Fraser. I had heard that it was a terrific series but those of us not actually in the UK couldn't see it. Perhaps BBC America would air it or maybe PBS but we'd probably have to wait YEARS...accckkk!

Not anymore! Thanks to the internet and our love of sharing, The Highland Clans series is available to download free from multiple web sites. Some download sites say there are 6 parts but there are only five 30-minute segments according to the BBC website. Here's a link where you can download all five from the three different sites (reviewed below):

  • Guba has hi-res (and BIG) files that can be watched on your
    handheld multimedia player (like my Zen Vision - love it!) or
    enlarged full size on your computer screen.
  • Stage6 needs a DivX web player that is ActiveX, but will prompt
    you to install it if you don't already have it. It also offers hi-res
  • Google Video has low-res files that are great to watch on your
    computer in the wee box your media player (like Quicktime)
    presents but are grainy if you enlarge them.
Happy viewing!

1 comment:

Phyldar said...

Decided to check out more of your blog after I downloaded the "birthday" freebie and came across this! I'm staying at my daughter and son-in-law's right now, but when I get home again I'm going to download these programs and watch them at my leisure. Thanks so much for posting this as I probably wouldn't have heard about it otherwise and I know I'll love watching it!