31 May 2007

Get My New Celtic Seasons Kit FREE!

But wait...there's a catch! (you knew that didn't you?)

It's time for another Download-a-Day (DLAD) challenge! The June DLAD at Divine Digital is 'The Spirit of Dad' by featured designers Michelle Powell, Julie Kelley, and Connie Prince. The challenge is to do a layout using the DLAD kit!

What do you get for completing the challenge? How about my brand new Celtic Seasons kit? Woo hoo! Well, not the whole kit...not right away anyway...you're gonna have to work for it!

The first thing you have to do is sign up in Divine Digital's forum - it's free. Then go to the June 2007 DLAD link. Bookmark the page or subscribe to the topic so you remember to visit every day! Visit the forum each day in June to get a portion of the DLAD kit.

Next, create a LO using the DLAD and post it in your favorite gallery. Yes, you can use images from other kits, but try to use the DLADs as much as possible. Finally, send me a link [catrionamag @ gmail.com] and I'll send you part of Celtic Seasons!

Every week during the month of June there will be another piece of the kit up for grabs - for a total of four: Beltane, Lughnasadh, Samhain, and Imbolc.

Here are the posting dates:

* 1-7 June - part 1
* 8-14 June - part 2
* 15-21 June - part 3
* 22-30 June - part 4
* 30 June is catch up day! If you missed a piece of the Celtic Seasons kit, this is the day to post a last minute LO and let me know which ONE you need. You only get to pick one piece, so plan accordingly!

Don't worry, if you miss a part it will go on sale in my shops at DD and DSO on 1 July.
Here's a preview of Beltane, the first part of my new Celtic Seasons kit and your first posting prize.


Remember, sharing files is a form of digital piracy - even free ones. Please send your friends to my blog so they can participate in this challenge and get their own free kit. It's not that hard!

If you want to learn more about digital piracy and how you can help prevent it, click on the "Stop Digital Piracy" link on the left.

Slainte! {Gaelic for Cheers!}

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