12 December 2006

The Fox Network announces a 'Firefly' online game!

After cancelling the TV series in 2002 after one way too short season and then bowing to the clamour of the fans and making a follow-on movie “Serenity,” the Fox Network seems to be getting a clue. True to their inventive nature, some ‘Browncoats’ have already set up a ‘verse in Second Life, a popular online community. Looks like the folks at Fox want to capitalize on the idea. The game is expected to launch in 2008. Read the article on Variety.

Recently, they have also begun licensing companies to sell Firefly and Serenity products instead of ignoring the fans. Could a sequel movie or the hoped for “trinity” be on the horizon? I hope so.

Are you wondering what I'm talking about? What is this "Firefly" and "Serenity" stuff anyway? Go rent the Firefly box set and the Serenity movie from your favorite source, sit down in a comfy chair and be prepared for a fantastic experience. After you have to return the DVDs, go to your favorite movie shopping source and BUY them! You won't be sorry!

Are you a Browncoat? Have I got a freebie for you! Check out my posting of
27 November for my minikit called “This Land” - a tribute to Wash. Stay tuned (or subscribe to the blog!) for more minikits featuring the other characters in the coming months.


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