28 September 2010

Wednesday Product Pick

me and my BIG ideas (mambi) has come out with some cool laptop stickers - vinyl graphic elements for your laptop. I always wanted to decorate mine with one of those skins but I could never decide on a photo or digital layout to use. This is the perfect solution. It doesn't cover up all of the lid and the pieces can be placed anywhere. Best of all, when you want to 'redecorate' they are easily removed and can be stored back on the clear sheet they come on.

Here's the before and after shots of my HP 11" netbook.

Pretty cute!

1. Clean the lid really well with a clean cloth dipped in a little alcohol to remove fingerprints and let dry.

2. Carefully peel the stickers off and apply them one at a time.

3. Apply them from the middle outward to minimize the chance of a bubble.

4. Rub them with a clean cloth to make sure they adhered well and any bubbles are smoothed out.

They don't seem to be listed on the mambi web site yet so you can't go take a peek at all the other fun designs. 

I purchased mine at Michael's for $3.99.

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