20 September 2010

OMG! Watch a Single Mother Go To Jail and an Anaconda Cough Up a Hippo Video and You Can Win a Free iPad and Get $5000 Free FarmVille Dollars!


If you spend much time on Facebook or Twitter I'm sure you've seen people's posts on silly things like this. You may even have been given the chance to "get a free Apple iPad by signing up to test the product - it really works!" You probably won’t be surprised to learn that it’s all a scam. The con artists are usually trying to get you to add a premium cell-phone service and sucker your unwitting friends in with you.

Once you follow a Twitter link or become a fan of the Facebook offering, you’re often asked to give info on friends or get them to be fans, too, then redirected to something that looks like an Apple page, but is quickly replaced by a pop-up. One thing leads to another and pretty soon your mobile phone account is getting charged $10 a month until you cancel. All the while losing Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Check out this
YouTube video that explains more about these types of scams.

The SophosLabs (computer security and threat specialists) YouTube site contains a lot more videos about real security threats and other FB scams you may come across. Sorry, no overly stuffed anacondas, though. ;-)

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