30 September 2008

Viovio! I love these guys!

I've been researching photobook printing services and sneaking up on the big guys is Viovio! What caught my eye at first was their ability to do a 5x5 minibook. After I lost a lot of my files on my EHD, I only had 6x6 versions of many of my layouts. Printing them at 5x5 was the perfect answer. Best of all, they are the most economical solution I've found!

Click the image below to check them out for yourself.


Here's what my wee booklet looks like: glossy paper cover with 15 satin finish, back-to-back pages (featuring 30 layouts). The price for the 5x5 size includes two booklets...a nice feature for gift giving!
(Note: the cover in the photo below is smaller than the open booklet
because it's a separate photo placed on top just so you could see it.)

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