27 September 2008

Design Your Own Postcards!

A postcard is a piece of heavy cardstock measuring at least 3.5" by 4.25" and no larger than 5" by 6" (according to postal regulations) with an address and postage stamp on the right half of one side. Nothing special or magic about them, so why not make your own!

Use your favorite digital scrapbooking kit or a favorite photo or both to send an inexpensive and thoughtful note to a son or daughter away at school or camp, a relative overseas in the service, or even as invitations to your next party. Did you know, 4x6 bragbook templates are perfect for making a postcard? Here's one I made using my Just-in-Time bragbook template set 1 and a few random elements and papers. The font is Baveuse.

The easiest postcard to make is to simply take a 4x6 photo, draw the usual postcard markings on the back, write your message, and put a stamp on it. Seriously! You can also apply specially made, pre-printed postcard backing that you can peel and stick to give your photo or layout extra stiffness. That way your special postcard will not jam up the machines at the post office...they hate that!

A few other details to know...
  • It cannot be printed on just plain paper (too thin) and it cannot be creased or folded over because it will get stuck in the machines.
  • If you use a photo, it will probably get a bit scratched up during the trip through the mail.
  • If you print your own at home on an ink jet, it will run and smear if it gets wet. Use a laser printer, a special photo printer such as the Epson PictureMate, or your favorite digital photo processing center.
So...now that you know how easy it is...why not make a few dozen today!

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