27 June 2008

Sail away, sail away, sail away...

My free-spirited friend, Marilyn, has taken off on a sailing trip to Alaska with her husband on their 45' sailboat. They will be gone for 3 months, exploring the inland passage as they go. When they return they will refit for a 5 year adventure around the world.

She will be able to communicate now and then through short text-only e-mails via ham radio and when they hit a port with an internet cafe or library with access, she'll update her travel blog. I'd love to be able to "go off the grid," but I don't think I could go that long without the internet and e-mail. ;-)

Here's a lovely cartoon in her honor (I am 'not' a good sailor!). If you like it, go to
www.vimrod.com and subscribe to get a silly daily cartoon in your inbox.

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