21 June 2008

Clan Packs are in the house!

Clan PacksHere they are - just in time for this year's Highland Games season! The Clan Packs were designed as the perfect way to scrap your Clan events, a Scottish wedding, or a trip to the historic Clan lands in Scotland. Each tartan was lovingly created using the authentic thread counts and colors used by weavers in Scotland.

The first Clan Packs, available in my shop at
Plain Digital Wrapper, are Clan Donald (MacDonald), Clan Gregor (MacGregor), Clan Chisholm, and Clan Campbell. Each Clan has both a personal use (S40 friendly) and a commercial use set.

The "Personal Use" Clan Packs are for personal events (such as weddings), Clan correspondence, or handouts at your local Highland Games but you CANNOT use them to produce items for sale or for web designs. If you wish to produce items for sale or use them on a website, you need to purchase the "Commercial Use" Clan Pack version. It's easy and not expensive, so please make sure you purchase the correct pack for your purposes.

Each Clan Pack includes:

1 12x12 authentic Clan tartan paper

1 silver Clan crest

1 silver Clan name word art

1 12" tartan ribbon

4 glass tartan buttons

1 tartan bow

And, in most "Personal Use" Clan Packs, there's a special bonus: a printable 4x6 Clan postcard!

Don't forget to post your completed projects and layouts in the PDW Gallery. I'd love to see what you come up with!

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