05 April 2007

Happy Tartan Day! [6 April]

Are you wearing your tartan?

In the United States and Canada, Tartan Day is held on 6 April, the anniversary of the date on which the Declaration of Arbroath was created in 1320.
(see my blog entry from 29
Last year, 2006, was the first year
that the Tartan Day celebration was held in Scotland. In Australia and New Zealand Tartan Day is held on 1 July, the anniversary of the repeal of the Act of Proscription in 1782.

For a list of celebrations and events around the world, click here.

To help you celebrate the day, and because it's so close to Easter this year, here's a free Saltire egg for you! Get it here.
By the way...the quote on the preview is from the Declaration of Arbroath.)

Please, no file sharing...that's digital piracy. Send your friends to this blog so they can get their own copy.

Slainte! {Gaelic for Cheers!}


Sandra said...

This is really cute! Good idea to combine Easter with the Tartan celebration! Thanks!

Scrapcat4914 said...

TYS this great egg!!

Karie~soccermom7975~ said...

TY for the great eggs. On my father's side I am of the MacGregor clan and Campbell Clan. My grandmother (Kaird~MacGregor) married a Campbell. Full Scottish on that side and a mix on Mom's, LOL! Thanks again and Happy Easter!

Andrea McGinn-Land said...

Happy Tartan Day Lady!!