27 February 2007

My Celebrity Look-a-Likes!

This is a fun website to play with, especially for those doing layouts for a "Book of Me." Go get a nice full face portrait of yourself in a .jpg format. If it has a neutral background you'll get more matches. My original had a dark one that only gave me 5 matches. When I replaced it with a white background I got 10. Then follow the directions to upload it and see who you match!

Here's mine...

To go to the website and find your look-a-likes, just click on the picture above.
I actually matched more people but you get to choose your favorites for the collage. Thank goodness, too...I really don't think I resemble Neil Diamond at all! LOL!

Thanks to Ruby Q's blog for this idea...it was fun!

Slainte {Gaelic for Cheers!}

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