25 January 2007

Pacific Northwest Digital Scrappers Unite!

I read about the Pacific Northwest Digital Scrappers Yahoo!Group on Misty Cato's blog a week or so ago and rushed right over to join up! Boy am I glad I did! They are throwing a unique digiscrappers retreat on the Oregon coast in late April. You go for the weekend and bring your laptop or PC/MAC and digiscrap and/or paper scrap together...what fun! I think there's some card making and stamping being planned, too!

Some members of the group are contributing to the Mega Kit CD that all the attendees will get. The color pallette is full of very northwesty colors, of course! Here's a preview of the elements and alpha I contributed. You might even see a hint of one of the papers I'm doing!

Are you a PNW digiscrapper, too? Join the Yahoo!Group and come play with us!


1 comment:

Misty said...

These are a great contribution. Can't wait for the retreat!