23 June 2009

Going to Dinner and the Theater

We're going to experience Goran Bregovic and His Wedding and Funeral Orchestra tonight with our Montenegrin friends.

"Roots in the Balkans where he stems from, head in the 21st Century which he fully inhabits, Goran Bregovic's music marries sounds of a gypsy brass band with traditional Bulgarian polyphonies, those of an electric guitar and traditional percussion with a curious rock accent all against a background of a bedeviled string orchestra and deep sonorities of a male choir, creating music that our soul recognizes instinctively and the body greets with an irresistible urge to dance."

According to our friends, he rocks the house and there will be dancing in the aisles!

Before that, we're going to spend some time at Pike Place Market and have a lovely seafood dinner down there.

Best of all - it's a sunny, Seattle day today!

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