19 February 2009

Play the Google Search Game

Here's a fun time waster you can share with your friends and family. It's sort of like the popular fill-in-the-blank travel game, Mad-Libs. Some of the answers you find online may be a bit risque, so you'll have to be your own "appropriateness police" if you want to share it with your kids.

In the Google Search bar, add your name and the additional word or words (remember to include the quotation marks) and click 'search' or press 'enter.' Make sure to use the featured text from the first link that comes up...otherwise it's cheating!!!

1) "[your name] needs"
2) "[your name] looks like"
3) "[your name] says"
4) "[your name] wants"
5) "[your name] does"
6) "[your name] hates"
7) "[your name] asks"
8) "[your name] likes"
9) "[your name] eats"
10) "[your name] wears"
11) "[your name] was arrested for"
12) "[your name] loves"

Here's my answers:

1) Catriona needs to lend me her boobs.
2) Catriona looks like she is flying.
3) Catriona says "It's a fair question."
4) Catriona wants Daisy healed.
5) Catriona does not have any public playlists.
6) Catriona hates the alcoholic former good-time girl who was the antithesis of the good mother.
7) Catriona asks Dave if he could write her a reference she could show to future employers.
8) Catriona likes that Mathew Wilder song I have on my iPod.
9) Catriona eats up her breakfast.
10) Catriona wears a special uniform hat.
11) Catriona was arrested for treason.
12) Catriona loves braids.

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