27 December 2008

Fun with Food: TwinkHenge!

Gentle Ladies, Good Sirs, and Druids...presenting TwinkHenge! This most mystical of all cream-filled spongecake constructions is a "trifle" small, but historians believe TwinkHenge to possess unknown supernatural powers. The well known properties of the construction materials will certainly enable it to last for centuries.

The 75th anniversary of the Twinkie happened in April of 2005 and the company asked people to contribute their recipes and stories and photographs. They even published a book with the recipes (available on Amazon.com).

TwinkHenge was possibly created in 2004 (the earliest known siting on a blog so far) and possibly in Portland since the original photo was found on a Portland based website:
www.nightswimming.com/pics/TwinkHenge.jpg. There is no true history available on its creation that I can find. If any of you know more about it, please post a comment!

If you're curious about Twinkies and how well they stand the test of time (and man), visit the
T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project web site.

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