05 May 2008

Color Calibration is important and now it's easy - and FREE!

Have you ever noticed that your photos look different on your computer than they do when printed? When you post your layouts on your blog or in a gallery, do they look different when seen on another computer? You know that strawberry should be red but it sure looks orange (or yellow or green or...).

Good news - it's not your eyes or your camera! It's the color calibration of the monitor you're viewing it on. Photoshop has a color calibration utility but 90% of computer owners out there don't have PS. How can you make sure both you and the world can see Aunt Edna's favorite yellow hat in all it's original sunny glory? Color calibration is the answer.

Calibrize has developed a FREE! program to help you calibrate the colors of all your monitors. Don't worry that it's just all too technical and you can't possibly do something like this. No need to get your buddy the nerd or a local 3rd grader to come over and do it for you, Calibrize has made their program easy for everyone to use in just three simple steps. [It runs on any computer using Windows XP or Vista. There is no Mac version available at this time.]

After you calibrate all your computers, you'll want to make sure that your viewers see your images the way they're supposed to look, too. Calibrize has a wee icon
Calibrize you can place on your web pages, on your blog, or in your gallery postings so they can download their own copy and calibrate their monitors!

Disclaimer - I am not affiliated with
Calibrize and they are not paying me for this review...after all, their program is free...LOL!

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