22 March 2007

Digital Scraproom Ceases Software Production and Partners with ACDSee

Cheryl Meier, the owner of Digital Scraproom, sent an email out today to registered users of the software announcing they will be discontinuing the sale of their software. Sadly, it was because they realized that it was becoming increasingly difficult to incorporate all the features they wanted in their digiscrapping tool.

However, she wrote, "I am excited to announce that I am able to join Digital ScrapRoom’s ideas with that of ACDSee in realizing the organizational needs of our digital scrapbooking community. I support ACDSee’s continued efforts in providing quality organizational software and in turn I will be discontinuing the sale of Digital ScrapRoom Organizing Software. I look forward to all the great features our users have requested being realized in the future of ACDSee!"

All registered Digital ScrapRoom users are not going to be forgotten, though. They will get a FREE membership in Digital ScrapRoom’s Monthly Digital Scrapbook Kit club and a discount on all future purchases. Cheryl is also able to offer all registered users 20% off the purchase of the ACDSee 9 Photo Manager.

Many scrappers I know already use ACDSee and love it. I'm going to switch to over and check it out. I'll report back with my adventures in organizing in a few weeks.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome of the merger and I wish Cheryl well in her new direction.

Now, where did I put that lime green ribbon...


Anonymous said...

We have tutorials at DigiScrapInfo.com for getting started with ACDSee. And my sister & I have a forum filled with resources if you need help, please ask.



Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about DSR. However, I hope that the people who decide to use ACDSee will enjoy using it as much as I have.
The digiscrapinfo.com site mentioned above is a great support resource.